Convinced road into Juneau is a good thing

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 21, 2003

I fail to see how comparing Juneau crime to Anchorage or Sacramento could even be close to the same (Renshaw's letter of Nov. 19). For one, the population of both of those cities mentioned exceeds 10 times that of Juneau, thus more crime by nature.

Show me a study to prove that a road to Juneau would lead to more crime and I might start to agree with you. Are you suggesting that there is more crime in Haines, Skagway, or even Whitehorse than Juneau? They all have a road system!

As for the notion from another reader that the ferry offers a richer experience than road (Wilson's letter of Nov. 19), you obviously haven't camped much. I would much prefer a cookout on the beach just north of Burners Bay than a burger on the ferry. I could imagine seeing whales or sea lions just off the coast, cooking on the beach and listening to a creek tricking down to the shore, just before I packed up and headed back to the urban center of Juneau for the weekly grind. That would be a much richer experience than sitting at the ferry terminal for hours before boarding, waiting to load your car and waiting to shove off, not to mention the six-plus loud, grueling hours on a ferry and the wait to unload at Auke Bay. All this after a weekend of enjoying the North Country - which is so close to us, yet so far - is not my idea of a rich experience. I would also much prefer the extra money left in my pocket after the trip if I didn't have to shell out as much for the ferry ticket.

I enjoy camping and heading north more than anything, but I don't enjoy being held hostage to the ferry system's prices and scheduling.

The last time Juneau residents went to vote on this topic it was statistically split and, in reading the letters to the editor, it appears not much has changed.

Dan Hays


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