Keep government hands off our dividend money

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 21, 2003

First it was the POMV plan which gives the Legislature our Permanent Fund and eliminates dividends to the people. Now it appears municipal leaders from 65 communities around Alaska have come out in support of local government getting our PFD. They are saying give the PFD to them - not the people, not local business, not your grandchildren's college fund, not any of the other uses of our Permanent Fund.

In this shrinking economy our governments are now fighting each other to get our PFD. It's so easy to reach into someone else's pocket and spend their money than to do the right thing.

We can't afford the size and cost of government now. What will happen if government gets its hands on the Permanent Fund?

Will throwing more money at government cure this problem? No.

It will only encourage it to grow even larger.

Oversized governments at all levels now threaten Alaska's future and needs to be cut to smaller, more efficient service providers, instead of the money sucking machines they are now. Our failure to downsize government will lead to problems that none of us want or can afford.

The POMV issue must be defeated. Government officials need to remember the 83 percent vote of Sept. 14, 1999. Don't touch the Permanent Fund!

It's our money, not theirs!

Ed Martin Sr.

Cooper Landing

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