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Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks for opening your cupboards and hearts for families

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I am writing in response to the Juneau Empire's "Charities still seek holiday donations," article that appeared on Nov. 13. Alpha Phi Omega, a local service co-ed fraternity here at the University of Alaska Southeast, just conducted its semester's canned food drive.

We've put this event together for the past four to five semesters and every time get awesome results form Juneau citizens. As far as conducting it, we've distributed fliers and bags door to door in Mendenhall Valley neighborhoods and then come by to pick-up the bags right from peoples houses.

This year we conducted the drive in conjunction with the Student Leadership In Residence Program (SLIRP, a group of freshmen at UAS) and some local scouts.

In total, there were around 25 volunteers and even as I write, right now, the Food Bank is tallying up the total poundage we garnered in - tallied poundage for the canned food drive ended up to be upwards of 1,200 pounds.

People donated all sorts of food - from pumpkin pie filling to Butterfinger hot chocolate, which I didn't even know existed.

Alpha Phi Omega would like to thank all the Juneau citizens who opened up the cupboards and hearts for families in need this Thanksgiving holiday.

Forest Kvasnikoff

President, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Zeta Theta Chapter

University of Alaska Southeast


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