Gathering of the Tribes powwow presents drum dance group
Fancy dancing, hoop dancing and Thanksgiving dinner are planned for the Gathering of the Tribes Mini Pow Wow this week.

Gilles Apap and the Colors of Invention
Gilles Apap is dedicated to not killing music.

L'Ecole de Ballet's 'Nutcracker'
The snowflakes and flowers, the cossacks and clowns join the Sugar Plum Fairy in "Nutcracker."



The last word
I'll tell you what's laughable, Ms. Tinney and Mr. Gillette: what's laughable is democracy-tooting Americans who under all the peace and free speech and justice rhetoric really support unethical, equally deranged, violent and ruthless means to maintain American power and control in world matters. What's really laughable is that Americans have neither the conscience nor courage to look their own government in the eyes and demand an alternative to bloodshed and war.

More ways to help
Thank you for running the story about the footwear that was donated to AWARE. Ray Vidic, as you noted, is the founder of Juneau's Footwear for Families Program. Ray has had a key role in the Upgrades for Cancer Program. The Upgrades for Cancer Program is a program where people can turn in their upgrades to help a cancer patients obtain better air fare rates. Twelve upgrades will help a cancer patient receive 75 percent off of a full-fare ticket. The ticket is a no-restricted fare so the cancer patient can travel when there is a need.

Don't change what works
Once again the Alaska Native Brotherhood, Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Camp Convention has come and gone. Many issues were discussed and tabled. One topic in particular that has caught my attention, and certainly my concern, is to make changes to the Alaska Native Brotherhood, Alaska Native Sisterhood Constitution.

Around Town

Governor wants $17 million more annually for ferries
State officials say they want nearly $17 million more annually to restore ferry operations to the service level that existed before the Columbia fire.

Man accused of felony sexual assault, felony burglary is freed on $20,000 bail
A man accused of breaking into a woman's home and sexually assaulting her is free on $20,000 bail.

Local support abounds for victims' families
Since the terrorism of Sept. 11, Juneau has been busy working to do good and express sympathy for victims' families and survivors.

Restaurant offers Thanksgiving dinner
Jovany's Restaurant is offering a free Thanksgiving dinner from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, said Nenita "Nita" Soriano who co-owns the restaurant with her husband Al.

City staff instructed to concentrate on Dimond Park for new library location
The city will reconsider Dimond Park as a site for a new Mendenhall Valley library before looking at other locations.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported...

Native leader on the mend
When Bob Loescher resigned as CEO and president of Sealaska Corp. in January, he was in the worst health of his life.

'Dangerous dog' to get more review
Conflict between dogs and cats is nothing new, but things get complicated sometimes.

Sharing at Thanksgiving
Juneau's mayor often carves the first turkey at the community Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the Salvation Army. But when Dennis Egan was mayor, he had problems cutting the ceremonial slice.

Tofu or not tofu - that is the question, for some
A Juneau woman is among the winners of a nationwide Thanksgiving Day essay contest by a well-known animal-rights group.


Neighbors Letter
Despite the stiff winds, the work crew for FRIENDS OF THE FLAGS was able to take down the 50 states flag display on Egan Drive downtown this past Sept. 29. This ends the 24th continuous season that the flags have flown over the Capital City of Alaska.

Peace throughout the world is inevitable
"For thousands of years, good people around the world have been searching for peace", said Keith Hermann, during a recent seminar at Centennial Hall, entitled "The Promise of World Peace". "Despite the current trend towards war", he continued, "a lasting global peace is finally within reach. Not only is peace possible, it is inevitable, and the signs are all around us."

Teen-age dating violence: Can this be love?
"Your boyfriend is sooo sweet, Ashley. He must really love you. Calling you all the time, and always checking up on you, my boyfriend isn't that concerned about me and what I'm doing. But you look so depressed, what's the matter with you?"


We have another reason to be thankful
Maybe, if you are sufficiently obsessed with obscure rock songs, you recall a holiday ditty called "Christmas in Jail" by the Youngsters.

Thanksgiving after trauma
This year, Thanksgiving has a special meaning. The horrific events of the fall have caused many of us to draw closer to friends and family, and to remember how precious life is, and how easily it can be taken away.

Declaring cessation in hostilities
With luck, I remember my favorite Benjamin Franklin quotation today or early tomorrow so that I have no excuses for my Thanksgiving Day behavior. More often, the witticism resurfaces around Jan. 2, when it's too late to do any good.

Nizich settles into starting role for UAA
It's only three games into University of Alaska Anchorage women's basketball season, and sophomore Tanya Nizich's role has already changed.

Sports in Juneau

Ball State rolls UCLA; Duke next
LAHAINA, Hawaii -- Ball State beat Top Five teams on consecutive nights, and now the Cardinals go after No. 1.

Around the State

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