Build road to Skagway

Posted: Thursday, November 22, 2007

In case most of the readers don't remember, the original plan for the Juneau Accesss Road was to go straight through to Skagway. Due to all the folks in Haines crying that the road would destroy Haines because tourists would no longer need to go through the town, the governor changed the plan to include a ferry to go to Haines so that the fears would be calmed.

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I personally would like to see that road go all the way to Skagway so to avoid a ferry charge at all, but I do see a need to have a small ferry from or to Haines. After all, it would not be fair to think that Haines visitors or residents should have to drive through Canada to get to Juneau but not force everyone to use it. I think a scaled-down ferry that joins the road would have been a better choice, but all things being equal, this was the best that could be done to try and make everyone as happy as possible.

At this point, let's just get it built so that those of us in Juneau can have the same freedoms that both Haines and Skagway take for granted, the freedom to travel without having to pay a huge toll to do so. Would it hurt Haines? Maybe some. Would it help Skagway? I think it would a lot but that's just progress.

Chris Watson


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