Women deserve choice in health care

Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009

In reference to the Stupak Amendment that is being debated, since when is it in Congress' role to tell a woman whether or not she can buy insurance coverage for her health care needs, even if she's using her own money?

It's bad enough we had to work to get our own rights, recognition and services, but now we have to fight to protect our own bodily health? This kind of debate makes me sick to my stomach. It doesn't matter which political party you belong to; if you're a woman you want to be able to have a choice.

If you want to choose life, you can. If you have extenuating circumstances you can get help for that as well. If you're a male who cannot sympathize with our plight, you can look at this from a purely economical standpoint as women putting more money in the pockets of insurance agencies (or government in this case) by paying for this coverage.

No one is forcing women to pay, but women should definitely have the option to do so. This is a grotesque violation of women's rights that needs to be fought. Women should stand up and speak out on this. How long are we going to let men dictate our lives to us? I for one will support you in taking a stand.

Kayti Coonjohn


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