Appearances showed an unfiltered Palin

Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin sizzled on the cover of Newsweek. Icebergs would melt in the wake of that stance, but does it mean the next derogative piece on her will blame global warming on those cellulite-free thighs?

I didn't vote for Palin, but as a woman who can cite my favorite periodicals, I, nonetheless, resent the personal attacks against another woman who is still married to her monogamous, hunk of a husband, mother of five children (one with special needs), grandmother, author, former governor, mayor, and Republican vice-presidential candidate.

An impressive resume, even for the candidate who misstated her own dogged determination with the hockey-mom quip about lipstick, and whose continued pugnacious presence is more akin to the fearsome canine than a mom cheering her brood's talent on ice.

It would take a pit bull to parley with Oprah about the campaign and her family. Why else would the Empress of Empathy resort to that noxious question about a woman being able to do a man's job?

The implied insult was that having a solid marriage and five children were disqualifiers, rather than being the foundation for a political career that places Palin as a serious contender in the Republican Party. Oprah allowed her own personal politics and prejudices to supercede common sense in the interview and was upstaged because of them.

The recent media appearances showed an unfiltered Palin; the former candidate is touring the country without those nasty McCain handlers and, as Oprah learned, she is a perky package with pluck.

McCain and his camp picked Palin as a running mate like an older man chooses a trophy wife not realizing that she bagged her own trophies. To paraphrase her father, Palin did not retreat to Alaska after the election; she went home to reload.

Mary Alice Altorfer

New Braunfels, Texas

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