Teels celebrate 50 years


Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009

Phil Teel and Jeannie Sanford were married Nov. 29, 1959, at the Meriden Methodist Church in Meriden, Kansas. The Teels arrived in Juneau in 1960. Their three daughters were all born in Juneau. In 1970, they adopted their son, Art.

Phil worked in Juneau for years as a welder - first for Burrows Welding, which he and his brother-in-law, Byron Sanford purchased and they renamed it T&S Welding. Later, he branched off to his own welding shop called Phil's Welding. When he closed his welding shop, he continued to work from his shop at home, which eventually became Phantom Services because when it was thought he was out at the shop working, he had actually left and no one knew where he had gone. He continues to work in Roseburg doing all sorts of jobs and is a master "Jack of all Trades."

Jeannie's first priority was as an awesome homemaker and wife. After working for B.M. Behrends Bank, Jeannie worked as Phil's bookkeeper for many years and also worked for SBS Professional Services; Alaska Department of Revenue and PFD and as a tax accountant during tax season.

In 1992, Phil and Jeannie moved to Roseburg, Ore., where they are enjoying all the different opportunities they have such as ranching, gardening, picking and canning fresh fruits and vegetables, picking walnuts, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

They have three daughters, Tracy, of Juneau, Bonnie and her husband, Gary, of Idaho, and their children, Tyler, Troy, Brooke and Paige, and Karla and her husband, Tom, of Juneau, and their children, Isaac and BonnieJean; and son, Art (deceased).

The Teel family asks that friends join them in congratulating Phil and Jeannie by sending a note to them at: Phil and Jean Teel, 14330 North Bank Road, Roseburg, OR 97470.

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