Shop stewards are not biased

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, November 23, 2003

I just opened the paper on Sunday and, whoa, is the other side out to fry me or what? I find it rather interesting that even union members sound like a bunch of socialists. These guys just don't seem to get it. It was even suggested that I spend my time arguing this issue with the state of Alaska.

What? That was already done and these folks lost hands down. As to being out of touch and not in the 21st century, where do I wake up - in my own nightmare or someone else's idea of reality? I am very interested to see how many Juneauites are willing to take a stand, place their name to a sheet or voice, and be heard.

I am not the only person in this; I am a shop steward voted in by the members and I am not really too interested in my opinion when a problem arises.

I take the issue and find an answer. If that answer is not acceptable I go to the next step and all decisions are brought to the attention of the other members before being acted on. Shop stewards have no opinion. The members of the shop that elected him to represent their issues are to be non-biased on any matter.

Lawrence A Love


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