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Shooting not solution to the wolf problem

Posted: Sunday, November 23, 2003

Perhaps I missed something concerning this predator control issue.

I thought that the accepted reason for human superiority over other life forms on this planet is that we have the benefit of greater intelligence to confront our problems, rather than resort to convulsive killing.

As the self-proclaimed top of the food chain as omnivores, we naturally give our subsistence needs priority over any other life form. We have the power to enforce this priority as we choose. Why are we choosing labor and machine intensive methods to reduce competition for available moose?

These methods have proven to be historically inadequate to effectively solve encroachments by other species. In other words, why continue to use methods that aren't result orientated?

Can anyone explain why the state hasn't invested some money in exercising brain power to find a more effective method?

What about a chemical reproductive blocker for wolves and bears, sort of a permanent contraceptive for these animals? Last I heard, Alaskan wolf and bear populations haven't converted to Catholicism and thus plea protection from God for unlimited procreation.

I am offended by solutions that require wasteful repetition and expense to employ.

Stuart Thompson

Auke Bay

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