No peace in occupied Iraq

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, November 23, 2004

America will not win the war on terrorism, because there is no terrorism. Instead there is world psychosis, and America is feeding it by acting as an economic hit man to the rest of the world. The 9-11 attacks were symbolic of this. The perpetrators of 9-11 had issues with America's foreign policy, not issues with U.S. domestic policy.

"Terrorists" are people who do not have modern means to fight a large-scale war against industrialized nations like the U.S. Guerrillas are in a similar boat, but they are fighting in their own country instead. For example, the Cuban revolutionaries were called guerrillas by the U.S. in their own country because they fought against American imperialism, and those same "guerrillas" (actually freedom fighters) are now honored in Cuba, i.e. Ernesto Guevara. One could consider George Washington to be a terrorist or guerilla fighter, but Americans would call Washington's group a militia (it's so categorical depending on what you want to propagate).

Unless the U.S. is planning a genocide there will never be peace in Iraq until the U.S. takes away its military and economic presence. The U.S. is not over there for anybody but the corporations and greater global economic control. More children, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters will die. All I am saying is give peace a chance - bring the troops home.

Lynn Matt


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