Which is a greater threat to residents?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2006

I was recently amazed by the Assembly's approach to the fluoridation issue. In short time, the Assembly agreed to remove fluoride from our water while scientific evidence supported fluoridation and opposed it at the same time. While the city isn't pumping tobacco products into the water supply, the city places its residents at risk by allowing publicly licensed facilities to operate smoke-filled bars and restaurants. There is no shortage of scientific evidence with regards to second-hand smoke and direct smoking - all which suggests that being exposed to smoking is far more dangerous that fluoridation.

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As the rest of the country continues to outlaw smoking in public places, including the cities in South Carolina, the most prominent tobacco producing state, the city of Juneau wrestles with the pros and cons of fluoridation and lets the real heavyweight of urban threats, public smoking, skate for another year.

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