Palins can take a lesson from Obamas

Posted: Sunday, November 23, 2008

I read with great interest the Washington Post editorial ("Obamas talk sense about the transition" in the Juneau Empire on Nov. 19). It mentions the Obamas' pledge to become true Washingtonians, to contribute to their immediate community, neighborhood and schools, as they have done in other cities where they have lived.

Sadly, I realize that the Palins have not contributed to the capital of Alaska in similarly beneficial ways. To the contrary, they are neglecting Juneau's welfare and are actively working against our capital's best interests.

Palin is the first governor to refuse to live in the capital. Her excuses as she moved out of Juneau and relocated the Governor's Office to Anchorage no longer seem valid, considering her willingness to move to Washington, D.C.

It's a great loss to Juneau and, I like to think, to the Palins as well. Juneau is a wonderful place to raise a family. One can walk to work and school, the crime rate is very low, and whether or not we voted for her as governor, we were all looking forward to children living in the mansion.

During the presidential campaign, it seems Palin's only mention of our capital was that she fought against those corrupt politicians in Juneau. Of course, those convicted were all from somewhere else. Most embarrassing was Vic Kohring, her representative from Wasilla.

And why would Todd Palin lobby during the legislative session to move the capital, which the governor said she would leave up to the Legislature to decide, and which would devastate Southeast Alaska in these difficult economic times? It's unconscionable.

I remember a time when people around the state took care of each other, content to share the wealth - the university in Fairbanks; trade, rail, and air cargo in Anchorage; and the capital in Juneau. No one area was greedy enough to want everything.

I wish Mrs. Palin and her "dude" would remember that she is governor of the whole state, not just Wasilla.

Berni Hein


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