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Posted: Monday, November 23, 2009

The prep sports scene is at a virtual standstill right now in Alaska, which seems strange because football and basketball are both being played back home.

I am itching to get out of the office for a change and see the start of the hoops season but that won't happen for another couple of weeks, and JDHS's first home hockey game isn't until Dec. 4.

To help fill your sports page with more local content, we will begin running local athlete profiles every Monday, beginning next Monday.

Local profiles will be a couple of paragraphs about the lives and interests of local athletes - young and old - followed by a question and answer portion and a mug shot.

If you'd like to see someone profiled, send an e-mail to sports@juneauempire.com, and we'll get back to you.

• Look out slopes, here I come. I've always wanted to learn how to snowboard and since I live in Juneau now, there's no better time than thepresent.

I'm just thankful to have health insurance in case I break my face.

• This just in: Brett Favre is old.

And really, really good.

Check his Sunday statline: 22-of-25 (88 percent completion percentage) for 213 yards and four touchdowns to four different receivers - and he didn't even play the whole game because the Vikes were so far out in front of Seattle.

The old man's still got it, and don't be surprised if he takes home a fourth MVP trophy after the season.

• Speaking of good: How about the Saints? There are few teams out there I'd rather watch play thanNew Orleans.

I smell a Saints-Vikings NFC title game matchup that could be one of the all-time greats. Talk about appointment television.

I'll take the Vikings, Adrian Peterson, that defense and some of that Favre magic.

And if he wins a second Super Bowl, he better retire and stayretired.

• How do the Bengals sweep the Ravens and the Steelers, and then lose to the Raiders? How does anyone lose to the Raiders?

Oh yeah, we are talking about the Bungles.

• The Lions beat the Browns on Sunday. Does anyone really care?

• It's good to see the Steelers stink. There are only two teams in professional sports that I truly despise, and that's the Steelers and the Cowboys.

And the Cowboys beat the lowly Redskins 7-6 yesterday. Can you say, "Most unwatchable game of the season?"

I would have rather seen the Lions and the Browns. At least that game had some offense.

• Biggest fraud in the NFL?

The Denver Broncos.

• Should the NBA retire Michael Jordan's number and not allow anyone else to wear it?

In a word: No.

He already has a statue in Chicago, where his number is rightfully retired.

If the NBA is going to retire anyone's number permanently, it should be Bill Russell's.

His social impact as the first black superstar in the NBA is incredibly significant, and he won an Olympic gold medal, two NCAA titles, five MVPs and 11 NBA titles in a 13-year career.

That's just ridiculous.

• Check this score from an FCS playoff football game: West Liberty 84, Edinboro 63.

That's no typo; this was a football game. The two teams I've never heard of combined for 1,394 yards of total offense and 1,170 yards passing, which are both records. I may have never heard of these teams, but I bet that was some game to see.

• College football playoffs. There's a novel idea.

• If bowl eligible meant good, a lot of mediocre college football teams out there would not be bowl eligible.

Since the NCAA is allowing teams to play 12 games every year now, it should take seven wins to be bowl eligible. Then we could do away with several of those unwatchable bowl games like the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. There's a mouth full.

• I don't care how good TCU is, I still don't want to see them play for the national championship.

• Has Charlie Weis been fired yet?

• And what happened to Oklahoma football this year?

• I bet no one in Alaska is more excited for the start of the college basketball season than myself. Now, if we could just get these high school kids on the court before mid December...

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