Poop problem prevalent on Airport Dike Trail

Posted: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My partner and I frequently walk the Airport Dike Trail and appreciate its location conveniently close to home, and the beautiful, wide open vistas. The people are friendly and the views are soothing to the soul. This easy and accessible 4-mile hike is a real treasure of the town.

However, there are times when our enjoyment is rudely disrupted by a proliferation of dog owners who've chosen to walk their dogs for the first few hundred yards of the trail, allowing their pets to relieve themselves freely and not taking the brief few seconds to scoop up their pet's solid waste, bag it, and deposit the bag in the dumpster located near the trailhead. Yesterday on our return route, we counted 71 separate piles scattered across the gravel pathway between the end of the red mesh retaining fence and the head of the trail, and a crowning jewel of a fluorescent pink poop bag some owner had carried to the trailhead but then left sitting atop one of the large boulders there, instead of disposing of the waste. That short distance near the trail head was downright disgusting, so much so that we had to carefully keep eyes cast downwards so as to sidestep the piles and not end up inadvertently carrying home smelly dog waste boot decorations.

Why should a few careless and irresponsible pet owners be allowed to ruin this experience for all the rest of us? Pet owners, please show some respect for this shared natural resource and some consideration for your fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Thank you.

Sarah Brinkley


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