Libertarians are a legitimate party

Posted: Monday, November 24, 2003

Thank you for your front-page coverage of Alaska's political third parties on Nov. 10.

Since vastly more Alaskans are registered as something other than Democrat or Republican, continued reporting on our other options at the polls is essential to our function as a democracy.

However, the story "Alaska's Green Party wins access to '04 ballot" gives the incorrect impression that the Libertarian Party is not a recognized political party in this state.

Alaskans are currently able to run as Libertarian candidates and to vote for Libertarians on ballots statewide, according to the Alaska Division of Elections.

The ALP has enjoyed ballot access for years in Alaska and, as Ms. Herbst points out in her story on former Libertarian and Murkowski spokesman John Manly in the same issue, the first Libertarian state officeholders were elected in Alaska.

We look forward to continuing to represent the true small-government interests of this great state for many years to come.

Sara Chambers

Vice Chair, Alaska Libertarian Party


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