Questionable city leadership for yokels

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just a few comments on the Juneau scene, as seen from the far side of the traffic circle.

Well, we built a parking garage years ago, because there wasn't enough parking for the local yokels, and we taxed the crap out of the local yokels to pay for it.

Then we reserved all the parking in the garage for the library and the VIPs in town, and then we remodeled the streets and sidewalks, thereby eliminating more parking space so the tourists would have more space to stand around and gawk at the local yokels who were driving around in circles, looking for a place to park.

Now I read editorials that we should tax the crap out of the local yokels to pay for more parking space after more remodeling of the streets and sidewalks, which would more than likely be reserved for more tourist infrastructure or reserved for the additional VIPs who would be needed to engineer this endless cycle of violence to our pocketbooks.

This brings me to the observation that the traffic circle designers and engineers have been complaining that it is not working, because the local yokel drivers don't understand how to use it, and traffic is still backed up to Lawson Creek on the south and up to Eaglecrest on the north.

Well, gee! Any idiot with the ability to unroll a blueprint should have been able to see that the thing is too small a diameter to work and be used properly. It is impossible to merge traffic into the thing, unless you do stop or almost stop.

There is the matter of the pedestrian crosswalks, both going in and coming out of the circle. Really brilliant. There was a recent tragic death at the nearby crosswalk next to the Breeze-In. Would a pedestrian overpass have added that much to the cost of this poorly thought-out project? Or did a potential blood bath figure in a lot cheaper?

I remember when the hippie colony guru, the Baghwan Rahjaneeshi, was forced out of his commune by the city fathers in Antelope, Ore. He commented that he had been all over the world and had seen idiots everywhere, but the ones running the town of Antelope were in a class all their own. The thought occurred to me then, and reoccurs to me now, that obviously Ol' Baggie had never been to Juneau.

Lee Shores


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