Response to snow removal complaints

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 24, 2006

This is in response to Matt Christian's letter to the editor in Wednesday's Juneau Empire. First, I want to say, that the amount of snow Juneau receives is usually significantly less than the Midwest, where I grew up. Compared to my hometown of Chicago, Juneau snow removal is wonderful.

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Next, I personally know someone responsible for Juneau snow removal, and his long ago requested personal leave was denied, so that he could keep the plows running these past few days. To me that is a sacrifice to help the community. Also, the towns that were listed, allow snow machine use in the immediate area, and are relatively flat compared to the hillside, the Mr. Christian lives on.

Lastly, hello - this is Alaska. Buck up.

Sue LeBeau

Auke Bay

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