People may ask: Sarah who?

Posted: Monday, November 24, 2008

Doggone if God hasn't seen fit to close the door on Ted Stevens' Senate seat and so, gee whiz, our shootin' star Sarah has little choice but to tarry for two years as plain ole Governor of Alaska, borin' as that is, until something bigger pops up. Watch out, Lisa!

'Course she still can keep her unblinking eye on Russia, and what with killin' moose and wolves and stuffin' more bears, and makin' sure our good folk don't read bad books or run 'round with terrorists or nothin' like that, time will whiz past until suddenly it's 20l0 and she's, like, unleashed. It's time to call Rush, time to start chanting: "Go babe, Go!"

But, wait a minute. By that time we may be different people. After having lived for two years with a president who didn't tear down others' characters to get there, who actually is compassionate, who reads and thinks and listens to the thoughtful, a man who - we devoutly hope - has been telling us honestly what he's doing and why, we Americans probably will have awakened from our long, painful nightmare. We may become accustomed to something far better: working together to produce the inspiring country that we and others have been longing for.

And geez, by then people well may ask: Sarah who?

Elizabeth Annis


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