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Preserve Berners Bay
For years, we have watched in the name of profits destroy a lifetime, beautiful, verdant forest and now it looks like potholes on sides of mountains. De we really want to use up and spoil our natural resource that is to be enjoyed and remembered for a very long time?

The gift of wrestlers
Thursday I got a call from the activities office at the high school asking if I would be willing to house some wrestlers for the Pilot Invitational Tournament. Wrestlers? We know nothing about wrestling. My son was going to be in Haines for the weekend with the drama team. We were asking someone in Haines to house our son, so maybe we could help out.

Intercept drugs
Thank you to Riley Woodford and the Juneau Empire for the series on our town's drug subculture. My question is, where exactly are the coca and poppy fields in the City and Borough of Juneau? Homer has declared itself a Nuclear-Free Zone. Why can't Juneau declare itself a Drug-Free Zone? Setting aside the issue of addiction itself and the drugs that can be home-grown, home-manufactured, and prescriptions, we should be able to choke off the imported cocaine and heroin coming in by air and sea if we really want to.

Local heroes
It was so nice to read about Summer Dorr in Friday's Juneau Empire. Thank you Julia O'Malley for writing such a thoughtful and positive story about a bright member of our community. Also thanks to the Empire for publishing this fine story.

Preserve Berners Bay
For years, we have watched in the name of profits destroy a lifetime, beautiful, verdant forest and now it looks like potholes on sides of mountains. De we really want to use up and spoil our natural resource that is to be enjoyed and remembered for a very long time?

Police and Fire
Reports by Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Shooting up in Juneau
A ddicted to mainlining cocaine, "Nicole" spent last winter holed up in her downtown Juneau apartment sticking needles in her arms, legs, fingers and toes, trading collapsing veins for slightly firmer ones.

Some count birds on Thanksgiving
The Audubon Society is sponsoring a Thanksgiving Bird Count. Participants can choose the time for the one-hour count that best suits their holiday schedule. The count is made in a circle 15 feet in diameter. The circle usually includes whatever attracts birds - feeders, baths, or cover.

The New problem drugs: OxyContin
In the six years since it hit the market, OxyContin has gone from being a godsend for terminal cancer patients to a severely abused street drug. "OxyContin is definitely an issue here in Juneau," said Dr. Lindy Jones, a local family practitioner. "OxyContin was heavily marketed by the drug company for chronic pain, and all over the country people were finding it has significant abuse potential."

Feast in the city
People who can't afford food for a Thanksgiving meal, are unable to cook, or simply don't want to eat alone have many options for celebrating Thursday's holiday. Juneau volunteers, nonprofit groups and restaurants are hosting events to ensure that, at least for a day, nobody goes hungry. While their forte is Italian cuisine, Al and Nita Soriano, the owners of Jovany's restaurant in the Airport Shopping Center, will serve a free, traditional Thanksgiving meal at their restaurant Thursday. They have hosted the free meal every Thanksgiving since 1993.

How Juneau's IV drug culture is changing
There are twice as many hypodermic needles in the hands of Juneau intravenous drug users than a year ago. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. "Does it mean that more people are using - or are more people are getting smarter about not sharing needles?" Eileen Wilson said. "I think it's people being safer."

Warning signs and getting help
Drug users often tip off others to their addiction, but not everyone recognizes the clues. Nicole, a former addict whose identity is being withheld for this article, said when she was snorting cocaine regularly she had a chronic runny nose. A cocaine smoker gets black fingers, akin to the nicotine stains of a heavy cigarette smoker.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Drugs of choice cycle in and out of popularity
Some drugs come and go like fashion trends. Others are steady and ever-present. "A lot of things are cyclical, we see decreases in LSD for while, then an upswing. It's the same with heroin," said Dean Guaneli, the state's chief assistant attorney general. "Alcohol is consistent and marijuana is consistent, too."

The New problem drugs: Meth
Methamphetamine, known as crystal, meth or crank, is the fastest growing drug problem in Juneau. "We're seeing a drastic increase in methamphetamine, in Southeast and Juneau," said Steve Hernandez, who heads up the drug unit for the Juneau Police Department. Based on seizures and police contacts with users, meth is becoming a primary drug of choice.

Weekend blaze destroys Valley home; damage almost $300,000
Fire gutted a Mendenhall Valley home over the weekend causing nearly $300,000 in damage. No one was home at the time, and no firefighters were injured during the blaze, Capt. Beth Weldon of Capital City Fire and Rescue said in a statement.

City grapples with funds for big projects
The Juneau Assembly is exploring new ways to pay for harbor and utility projects approved by voters in a $15 million general obligation bond package in October.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Robert E. Brososky Jr.
Former Juneau resident Robert E. "Robbie" Brososky, Jr., 34, died Nov. 6, 2002, in Lincoln, Neb.

Elisabeth Jeanne Erbes
Juneau resident Elisabeth Jeanne Erbes (formerly Betty Fuller) died Nov. 15, 2002, at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Wash.

Techwit: Softwear planning and the mall
Do you know that look of frenzied panic the average teenager gets when she's one step out of fashion and needs to go to the mall NOW to do some serious power-shopping before she's reported to her peer group for being hideously uncool? Well, long, long ago, when the Internet really took off (circa 1992), a teacher approached me with that same look in his eyes.

Nonverbal heckling as an art form
A few years ago I leaned about active listening. It seemed at the time to be a very non-news kind of thing, just a repackaging of what we used to call paying attention. Oh no, a person conducting an active listening seminar would say, it's much more interactive than that and takes practice.

Toe Cartoon

Empire editorial: Make a difference: Support the United Way of Southeast Alaska
United Way of Southeast Alaska brings together the people and resources to meet a wide range of human needs through charitable giving. Statistics show that one of three people will need and use services funded through United Way at some point in their lifetime, for food, clothing, heat, shelter, medical assistance, independent living, and for child care, nurturing and development. The day will come when you or someone close to you may need this help.

My Turn: Many thanks to Alaska's public employees for a job well done
As Dec. 2 approaches when a new governor will take charge, I would like to pause a moment to recognize public employees all across Alaska for their outstanding work.

A new look for the Empire
God willin' and Murphy's Law in abeyance, the Empire will have a new look and some different content by Labor Day. - Me, Over-promising Out Loud, March 17, 2002 Labor Day? Obviously, I'm calendar-challenged. I meant Thanksgiving.

Ski Web links
Regional winter sports Web links and phone numbers.

Shoot-out at the AK Corral
"I said give me all the money," yelled Buckskin John as he picked up his rifle, firing eight shots before grabbing a money bag and rushing to saddle up his horse. He proceeded to unleash four shotgun blasts, followed by 10 pistol rounds, during a mock bank robbery scenario for the Juneau Gold Miners Posse's monthly cowboy action shooting competition at the Hank Harmon Rifle Range.

Out and About
In season: Black bear (Sept. 1-June 30), brown bear (Sept. 15-Dec. 31, March 15-May 31), deer (Sept. 15-Dec. 31), mountain goat (Sept. 1 or Oct. 1, depending on area,-Nov. 31, area north of Haines Highway and west of the Ferebee River and Glacier closed for the season), wolf (Aug. 1-April 30), wolverine (Nov. 10-Feb. 15), ducks, geese, brants, snipe, crane (Sept. 1-Dec. 15), red and blue king crab (Oct. 1-March 31), coho salmon (June-Nov.).

Information center lays out potential avalanche dangers for Alaska's backcountry travelers
ANCHORAGE - Alaska still doesn't have an avalanche forecast center, but more Southcentral information will be available this winter thanks to the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center. Forest Service Glacier District snow ranger Carl Skustad said the federal agency aims to provide Alaskans the best information it has on Turnagain Pass and surrounding areas - as well as other forest lands on the Kenai Peninsula.

Kings of the mat
The Ketchikan Kings stole the show from the Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears during the Brandon Pilot Invitational wrestling tournament, held Friday and Saturday at the Juneau-Douglas High School main gym. The Crimson Bears were hoping to honor Pilot, a teammate who was killed in a November 2000 car wreck. But the Kings claimed the team title of the tournament held in Pilot's honor for the second straight year.

Boozer posts two straight double-doubles
CLEVELAND - Cleveland rookie Carlos Boozer had his second straight double-double in his second straight start in Saturday's game against New Orleans, but the Hornets claimed a 97-84 victory over the Cavaliers.The Cavs (2-12) have lost 10 straight games. The Hornets improved to 10-3.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

UAF reaches finals at Top of the World
FAIRBANKS - Alaska Fairbanks used a barrage of 3-pointers to get the lead, then hung on to defeat Nebraska 64-61 Saturday in the semifinals of the Top of the World Classic.

Gibb makes finals in 50-meter backstroke at FINA World Cup
Former Petersburg High School swimmer Derek Gibb reached the finals in his first major international competition Saturday, finishing eighth in the men's 50-meter backstroke at the FINA (International Swimming Federation) World Cup meet at the Nassau County Aquatic Center in East Meadow, N.Y.

UAF demonstrates Top of the World domination
Make your free throws. Nail your 3-pointers. Harass your opponent into 24 turnovers. Alaska Fairbanks used that formula to upset Weber State 77-65 Sunday night and win the seventh Top of the World tournament. Over four days, the Nanooks also defeated Wisconsin-Green Bay and Nebraska to become the first NCAA Division II school to win an eight-team tournament involving Division I teams.

Anti-abortion group sues over campaign law
The Alaska Right to Life Committee has filed a lawsuit in federal court charging that some Alaska campaign disclosure laws violate the First Amendment.

State Briefs
Fog blankets Juneau again; Prosecutors drop sign-burning case; Grant aids Alaska Native language;

Lack of snow halts snowmachine sales
You would think being in the snowmachine business would be a good gamble in Fairbanks. But this year the white stuff is scarce.

Haines: New state heliskiing rules worry industry
Ski industry representatives are calling new rules for heliskiing unveiled by the state Department of Natural Resources a big, and perhaps crippling, blow to their businesses.

Delta Junction gold mine likely to get approval
A draft environmental impact statement due in January likely will provide the go-ahead for the huge Pogo gold mine near Delta Junction, according to federal environmental regulators.

Consumer watchdog group says state dropped the ball
JUNEAU - An attorney general's investigation into high gas prices that came up empty this week is another example of the state's failure to protect Alaskans from predatory businesses, the head of a consumer watchdog group said on Friday. Stephen Conn, executive director of Alaska Public Interest Research Group, chided the state for not following the lead of Hawaii, which settled a lawsuit filed against gas companies over price-fixing allegations.

Accused oil pipeline shooter's brother says he saw it happen
FAIRBANKS - The brother of accused pipeline shooter Daniel Lewis testified in court that he saw Lewis shoot a hole in the trans-Alaska oil pipeline on Oct. 4, 2001.

Kodiak museum seeks to conserve Alutiiq language
KODIAK - The Alutiiq Museum is working to revive a critical piece of Alutiiq heritage by developing a dictionary and establishing a center for the disappearing language. Today, the median age of Alutiiq speakers is 67. From a total population of 3,000 Alutiiq people, only about 400 still speak the language. In 1970, there were roughly 1,000 speakers.

Interior towns consider Yukon River highway link
Representatives from nearly every village from Manley to Unalakleet filled Galena's community hall last week to discuss a Yukon River highway to link Interior villages.

Alaska union leader resigns to take bigger job
Mano Frey, a leader of organized labor in Alaska for a quarter-century, is leaving the state to accept a more powerful job in Seattle.

Grant gives North Pole firefighters new gear
A $117,772 federal grant to the North Pole Fire Department will provide new equipment for the full-time and volunteer firefighters. "It's a very nice chunk of money," Chief Buddy Lane said. "We're very happy."

Weekend rains flood Kenai Peninsula
Heavy rains flooded parts of the southern Kenai Peninsula over the weekend, damaging roads as crews finished repairs from October floods in the same area.

Court upholds murder conviction
The Alaska Court of Appeals has upheld the first-degree murder conviction of Adam Hamilton in the 1999 stabbing death of a his best friend.

Tribal buildings in Sitka go smoke-free
Sitka tribal organizations have banned smoking in their buildings for all activities, including bingo and community gatherings.

Klawock: Woman indicted on drug charges
A Klawock woman has been indicted by a federal grand jury on felony drug charges stemming from the sale of methamphetamine from her Klawock home.

New police dog helps fight drugs
Fort Yukon police have a new recruit named Raven, a 1-year-old drug-sniffing black Labrador retriever. In her first month on the job, Raven has proven herself in the village of 600, flushing out two people carrying marijuana on incoming flights. Charges have been forwarded to the district attorney in Fairbanks, said Police Chief Reginald Fleming.

MADD faults AK's efforts to halt DWIs
Alaska has received one of the worst grades in the nation from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for its efforts to combat drunken driving. Only Montana did worse this year.

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