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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, November 25, 2002

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Thank you to Riley Woodford and the Juneau Empire for the series on our town's drug subculture. My question is, where exactly are the coca and poppy fields in the City and Borough of Juneau? Homer has declared itself a Nuclear-Free Zone.

Why can't Juneau declare itself a Drug-Free Zone? Setting aside the issue of addiction itself and the drugs that can be home-grown, home-manufactured, and prescriptions, we should be able to choke off the imported cocaine and heroin coming in by air and sea if we really want to.

The police seem to have a good handle on the magnitude of the problem, but where are the big drug busts?

How about redirecting some of their resources for drug-sniffing dogs and handlers at the airport (one for the jet passengers and one for the luggage, and one for the luggage and passengers coming in on small planes), and one dog and handler to meet each ferry? Since the profits outweigh the risk in drug dealing, drugs will still get in, but let's at least make it challenging.

If millions can be spent to intercept terrorists infiltrating Southeast, I vote we spend some money on choking off an honest-to-God threat to our citizens. The next addict could be your child.

Barbara Belknap


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