Change in Ownership
For the Walters, business is a family affair. As of last month, the family affair encompasses both of America's youngest states.

Perseverance makes the most of funds
I wish to clarify remarks made by Sam Guthrie in his letter to the editor on Tues., Nov. 18. He is correct that the CBJ Assembly allocated $50,000 to Perseverance Theatre last summer.

Libertarians are a legitimate party
Thank you for your front-page coverage of Alaska's political third parties on Nov. 10.

Bush's actions are the opposite of his words
I've discovered a way to understand Mr. Bush (sorry I can't call him president since I have too much respect for the office) is to ignore his speeches

Better ferries or new roads?
Recently SEACC announced that they had helped form a lobbying group to promote better ferry service in the state. This is the same organization that was foremost in destroying the timber economy of Southeast Alaska.

Domestic partner benefits are fair
Recently our city decided to extend health benefits to "domestic partners." This move created quite a stir. Many have claimed this is immoral, while others claim it is a waste of their "taxpayers" money. Truth be told, it is neither. These individuals have a right to their opinion, but that is all it is, their opinion.

Policy makes move more attractive
I am really glad to hear that equal benefits for life partners is a part of the fabric in Juneau. I have considered moving there and this will probably tip the scales in favor of your fair city. Let me tell you why:

Aerial shooting of wolves inhumane
The proposed aerial gunning of wolves will be the first such program of legal aerial wolf kills in Alaska in more than a decade and calls for eliminating as many wolves as possible from an experimental management area, plus a larger area surrounding it - a total of some 1,700 square miles.

Road might influence opinions on Capitol
I read with interest the article stating that Mayor Botelho is planning to form a committee that would review building a new capitol as "a move to ward off threats to relocate the capital."

Debate the road, not silly notions
I know that Ms. Renshaw is just worried about her children, but her notions that a road would be the downfall of safety in Juneau is just silly. I don't have any figures of what the crime rate is in Whitehorse, but you would think that we would have heard a thing or two about the wickedness of our neighbors to the north.

Bookings open for marine highway summer sailings
JUNEAU - The Alaska Marine Highway System has opened for booking its summer sailings, later than usual and without changes sought by some port communities.

A quilt for a lighthouse
The quilt the Juneau Lighthouse Association is raffling this winter can't give an adequate picture of the wildlife, landscape and history that surround the Five Fingers Island Lighthouse 65 miles south of Juneau.

Around town
Today: Low Impact Exercise, 10 a.m., Juneau Senior Center and Valley Senior Center. Details: 463-6175. Toddler Time, 10 a.m., downtown library. Toddler Time at the Mendenhall Valley library starts at 11 a.m. Details: 586-5303.

This Day in History
In Alaska:• In 1969, the greatest deluge of mail to Gov. Keith Miller, more than 700 letters, hit the Governor's desk in Juneau following a televised documentary supposedly showing wolves being hunted for bounty.<

This Day in History
In Alaska: • In 1929, the steamer Princess Norah, later a favorite of Juneau travelers, arrived in Juneau on her maiden voyage. • In 1941, much of the business district of Seward was destroyed by fire.

Southeast Natives to test salmon in Shanghai schools
Some Southeast Natives are hoping to take advantage of China's growing market for Alaska seafood by distributing smoked salmon products to schoolchildren in Shanghai.

Worst-case scenario
Eight more Southeast residents began training Saturday in Juneau to respond to major emergencies such as earthquakes.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Court volunteer views her job as important as ever
Ignoring Diana Kreick won't make her go away. Anyone who thought she would stop working with the defendants in Juneau District Court Judge Peter B. Froehlich's Wellness Court when she stopped getting her a paycheck was mistaken.

Kerttula: Alaska needs to tap into China's expanding market
Everything's bigger in Alaska, but in China the superlatives are unrivaled. Touting a population of about 1.2 billion and an economy that has doubled its gross domestic product in a decade, China is experiencing intense growing pains as it opens to trade with world markets. But with increased manufacturing and job opportunities come many of the same challenges faced by Alaska: energy consumption, pollution, housing, conservation, education and health care.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported: Christel Silva, 26, was arrested for drunken driving, and driving with a revoked license, at 10:12 p.m. Saturday near Douglas Highway. She was lodged at Lemon Creek Correctional Center.

Libraries offer online tutoring service
Students in Juneau have one less excuse for less-than-perfect grades this year. The Juneau Public Libraries have partnered with to pair Juneau students with professional tutors for online homework help sessions.

Donations help Glory Hole for Thanksgiving meals
Whether it's a boxed Thanksgiving meal, turkey sandwiches or a full traditional spread at area restaurants, there are plenty of opportunities for Juneau residents, needy or not, to partake in holiday festivities this Thursday.

Around Town
Today Valley Toastmasters meeting, 6:10 a.m. every Tuesday, Henry's. Details: Jim, 789-3074. Sewing Circle, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Valley Senior Center. Details: Betty, 789-7236.

Assembly backs partners policy
The majority of the Juneau Assembly backed City Manager Rod Swope on Monday on his decision to provide health insurance benefits to domestic partners of city employees.

Eaglecrest to open Thursday
Those considering a move north after last year's dismal ski season in Juneau can take heart - Eaglecrest Ski Area will start this winter's season at 9 a.m. Thursday.

LeOra Pearson
Former Juneau resident LeOra Pearson, 63, died Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2003, at her home in Reno, Nev.

My Turn: Peacemaking sessions humanize the conflict
I t always makes it easier to fight a war if you demonize people so that you're not killing human beings, you're killing the devil,"

My Turn:Seeking alternative news sources
Democracy, as it was established during the early creation of the United States, was limited in participation to a specific minority group: rich, white men. Today the U.S. boasts proudly of our democracy expanded through time with civil rights and women's liberation movements, and has even claimed a leading role as its global purveyor and protector. The problem is with less than 50 percent eligible voter turnout, our democracy is suffering from a lack of major public participation.

Sports in Juneau
UPCOMING EVENTS:Friday, Nov. 28 • Youth wrestling day camp - Juneau-Douglas High School wrestling coach Kris Mercer is holding a wrestling day camp for youths age 5-18 on Friday, Nov. 28, at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School.

Back at the Top of the World
FAIRBANKS - Seven-foot center Nick Billings was a big draw in Kodiak when he led the Bears to the 2001 Class 4A state high school basketball championship. This weekend, he drew most of Kodiak to Fairbanks.

Taurasi leads UConn as it opens title defense
STORRS, Conn. - Diana Taurasi had 26 points and eight rebounds Sunday, helping No. 1 Connecticut begin its national title defense with a 95-46 rout of Western Michigan.

Local Sports
Local sports results

Sports in Juneau
NEW CALENDAR ITEM: • Youth wrestling day camp - Juneau-Douglas High School wrestling coach Kris Mercer is holding a wrestling day camp for youths age 5-18 on Friday, Nov. 28, at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School.

Alaska Digest
Fisheries marketing board elects officers: JUNEAU - The new Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board has elected its officers and begun sketching out details on how to spend $8 million in federal funds.

Alaska Digest
State vulnerable to drop in federal funds ANCHORAGE - The amount of federal money pouring into Alaska's economy has soared over the past 20 years, reaching $7.6 billion in 2002, ranking the state first in the nation for per-capita federal spending.

Solar flares produce extraordinary auroras
ANCHORAGE - A solar flare erupting from an enormous sunspot hit Earth last week with the second-biggest geomagnetic storm ever measured, said scientists at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Alaska Islands center opens next month
HOMER - After 15 years of planning, designing and construction, the $18 million, 37,000-square-foot Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center is now complete.

Gov. Murkowski backs off target of $250 million in budget reductions
Gov. Frank Murkowski is backing off talk of cutting $250 million from next year's budget.

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