Policy makes move more attractive

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I am really glad to hear that equal benefits for life partners is a part of the fabric in Juneau. I have considered moving there and this will probably tip the scales in favor of your fair city. Let me tell you why:

My partner of 15 years got cancer, but because she was not married to me I could not get medical coverage for her. I simply could not afford the medical bills and treatment was denied. She died within a year.

Now I have a new life partner that I have been with five years. My job benefits do not cover him even though he is a family member. I fear that if he were to get sick, I simply could not pay the vet.

I know that the good people of Juneau recognize alternative lifestyles and will respect the choice I have made to spend my life with a chocolate lab. It has been a dream of mine to be able to afford decent health care - not to mention dental - to the little man who watches over me and protects me.

I have read the opinions in your paper and realize that your readers are enlightened enough to know that my dog is my life companion.

In my opinion, my loyal forever dog deserves health insurance just as much as someone's live-in girlfriend. I have found that dogs are more likely to be around in five more years. He is my partner. He is my chosen companion.

As long as we are passing out benefits for the true lifelong partners, not just spouses, Mr. Mason and I are standing in line.

Maggie Wright

Tejas, Texas

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