Saddam, not Bush, was world's problem

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sybil Davis' assertion that "no link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda has ever been established" ("Number of deaths in Iraq is no Joke," Nov. 22) is false, but beside the point. He presented enough of a problem by himself.

Saddam was a renegade thug at the head of a gang of renegade thugs plundering their country, massacring hundreds of thousands, corrupting the world's political body, violating peace treaties and agreements countless times, and endangering the hope of stability in a vital region of the world.

The Iraq weapons-of-mass-destruction argument was not resolved with 12 years of U.N. sanctions, inspections, resolutions, nor threats of use of force. It was not resolved because the intransigence of the Iraqi dictator ultimately rendered such peaceful methods ineffective. The perfidious actions of the French and Russian governments in the Security Council helped ensure that they wouldn't, and the situation was made worse by the disgraceful metastasizing of what was supposed to be a humanitarian program into the largest engine of corruption in world history, Oil-For-Food.

The issue of Iraq WMD's was only resolved with the application of military force, whether you appreciate it or not. Saddam was the world's problem, not George Bush.

The issue of whether the U.N. will ever be capable of establishing itself as a real arbiter of peace and security issues remains open; witness current events in Sudan where thousands die weekly while the U.N. struggles for months to decide whether or not it qualifies as genocide. Until the day they become more effective, nations will act in what they see as their own interests.

And by the way, Sybil doesn't have a monopoly on lamenting the human costs of war.

Rick Kaufman


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