Time to wake up and smell the carcinogens

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2004

In regards to the Nov. 18 article, Sen. Ted Stevens disagrees with a climate study's conclusion ... It is apparent that Mr. Stevens lives in the dark.

To deny that the combustion of fossil fuels is not a major cause of the buildup of greenhouse gases is equivalent to suggesting that cigarettes aren't addictive as well as a danger to ones health. It causes me to wonder whether or not Mr. Stevens happens to believe in the ability of a seat belt to protect the life of passengers. It is a well-known fact that Mr. Stevens concedes that drinking and driving is not only illegal, but stupid and dangerous as well. What mountain range of evidence could possibly have led him to this amazing conclusion? I think the administration could benefit from an elementary level Earth science class. One can only imagine the education Mr. Stevens received as a child. God knows there was no mention of greenhouse gasses or holes in the ozone. Ahh ... the dark ages. Thank goodness times are changing.

The all-too popular political procedure of refusing to accept or acknowledge scientific fact has not gone out of style, or practice, especially within the Republican Party. It's time to wake up and smell those carcinogens. As a citizen of the Great Land I would like to suggest that Mr. Stevens remove the filthy hands of Big Oil from his deep pockets, climb out from underneath that desk and read the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. The government should do its job, beginning with protecting us from ourselves, first by recognizing human impact on eco-systems and second by conserving those in danger.

Ultimately it is my genuine hope that Mr. Stevens' legacy of dominance over a single U.S. Senate seat may be matched, perhaps surmounted, by the legacy of a grand realization that capitalist command and control economics is leading us as a society straight to the privy.

Brian Delay

Auke Bay

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