Review board confirms two House winners

Salmon beats Sattler, and Holm defeats Kawasaki, panel says

Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2004

The State Review Board is completing its examination of votes cast in the Nov. 2 general election and has verified the winners of two close House races.

Democrat Woodie Salmon of Beaver was declared the winner of the House District 6 race against Aniak Republican Ward Sattler. Salmon won by 68 votes, taking 3,048 votes to Sattler's 2,980.

Rep. Jim Holm, R-Fairbanks, won with 3,364 votes, putting him 52 ahead of Democratic challenger Scott Kawasaki, who received 3,312 votes.

"The State Review Board began its review last Thursday," said Laura Glaiser, director of the Division of Elections. "It will resume on Friday and we hope to be done by next week."

Glaiser said Wednesday the six-member bipartisan panel was busy confirming that those who received ballots match the total number of ballots cast.

"They have a lot of experience looking for anomalies," Glaiser said.

A close race in Southeast's House District 5 between Democrat Tim June and Republican Bill Thomas, both of Haines, had not been finalized as of Wednesday. But Glaiser said she expects the count to be completed Friday.

Updated numbers on Wednesday put Thomas ahead by 76 votes, with June winning 3,370 and Thomas winning 3,446.

June has not yet conceded victory to Thomas and it is uncertain whether he will call for a recount. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Glaiser said a candidate or 10 registered voters can request a recount free of charge if the difference between the votes received for each candidate is less than 20 or less than 0.5 percent. If the spread is higher, they can still request a recount at a cost of $750, Glaiser said.

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