Governor raids fund, gives away resources

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 25, 2005

While our governor gives away the farm and its resources, he has the gall, once again, to suggest a raid on the Alaska Permanent Fund for the purpose of revenue sharing with the various communities. Beside the Amerada Hess fund, how many other different accounts are there within the permanent fund that are not used in the dividend calculation? Why was this account set up separately? Why was it not fully incorporated into the fund to boost the dividend?

Thanks to the governor for allowing the oil giants to escape a 50 percent windfall profits tax on their multibillion-dollar bonanza. Screw the people of Alaska who made the mistake of voting him into office. Take away their longevity bonus. Make them pay more taxes. Raid the people's permanent fund dividend for such a good cause as community revenue sharing.

Though 83 percent of the people voted no to touching the permanent fund dividend for government use, who cares? Don't tax the oil companies. Make the Alaskan people pay. Bleed them to death with more taxes, and give away their resource wealth. Darn those traitors who spilled the beans with regards to the gas line negotiations.

Make sure the oil companies escape a 50 percent windfall profits tax. The governor is doing a great job giving away the farm.

John J. Kiernan


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