Juneau should declare tax holiday

Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2007

In case you've missed it, the wholesale price of heating oil and unleaded gasoline has increased since this day last year.

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Essentially, this increase in energy prices becomes an additional tax on Juneau residents because they have no other choice but pay the higher prices. Families will have to cut consumption of other goods and services to live within their means.

I believe at times like these, we should call on the city of Juneau to share in this burden and do the same. The city of Juneau should cap the sales tax on home heating oil and gasoline or eliminate it altogether by declaring a tax holiday during the winter months.

As it stands, because of the city tax on home heating oil and gasoline, as prices rise, the city prospers. It receives an ever-increasing tax stream and not only does it not suffer from higher energy prices, it gets to spend more. The 5 percent decrease in prices will not solve the problem, but it will be welcome relief during this coming winter.

Jim Parise


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