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Posted: Sunday, November 26, 2000

Long-distance turkey

It's been a few years since Scotty Dawkins left the 49th state, but he still remembers the great turkey prices offered by Alaska stores at Thanksgiving time. So he ordered one.

Dawkins, now living in Leland, Mich., grew disgusted with the high local cost of turkeys over $1 per pound at two supermarkets and 59 cents at a third. So he called Carrs in Eagle River, learned turkeys were going for 33 cents a pound, and ordered a 20-pounder.

That was before he found out the overnight shipping, the only way the turkey could be sent, would cost $123. He canceled his order. "I wanted to make a statement but not that much of one," said the former resident of Juneau and Palmer.

They just keep going

Some of the oddest things on the 'Net these days are those little semi-animated pictures that show a moving image over and over and over again. Alaska's version is on the "For Kids Only" (sorry, we peeked) section of the state's home page. It shows Gov. Tony doing the blanket toss and Lt. Gov. Fran hoisting a weighty salmon - about 100 times a minute. Is that what it would be like if the Energizer Bunny ran state government?

Not fodder for 'Most Wanted'

Fairbanks police say two men recently risked a long time behind bars with little reward. According to reports, the pair grabbed a third man one recent early morning in a Fairbanks park, twisted his arm and rifled through his pockets. But it wasn't a big haul. The net gain was just $2 and change. The charges: felony second-degree robbery and misdemeanor fourth-degree theft.

Popularity contest

Juneau's Beth Kerttula made quite an impression during some appearances before students in her recent re-election campaign for the state House. Youth Vote officials say some teens wrote her in against Bill Hudson in the valley district. Former Goldbelt exec Joe Beedle also showed up on some of the ballots.

Something to chew on

Bubble gum packaged to attract children surprised some parents in Prince George, British Columbia, this month. Ella Hibbert of Prince George said her son-in-law bought his 5-year-old boy a piece of Frankenstein tutti-fruity bubble gum from a Mohawk service station convenience store. When the boy unwrapped the package and pulled out its prize, the temporary tattoo showed the image of a nude woman. The supplier said when the company purchased the stock from a supplier in eastern Canada, the sample tattoos were more, shall we say, modest.

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