It's time to change laws on alcohol


Posted: Sunday, November 26, 2000

It's time to change the laws that protect the adults that purchase alcohol for the youth of Alaska. Over the past years we have lost many youths to accidents caused by this dangerous drug that can be bought at any liquor outlets in Alaska. The new laws would make any adult that purchases alcohol for the under-age a felony. They would be held liable for the death caused by their actions of purchasing and supplying alcohol to minors. Any parent who wishes to contact me about this should. We can make changes that would stop the supply of alcohol to the youths. One possible way of tracing alcohol bought from a store is to have anyone that purchases alcohol present their ID. The driver's license number would be recorded as being the one that made the purchase of the batch of alcohol. Thus when any alcohol containers are found at am accident scene or a party with minors involved, the alcohol would be traced back to the persons who were the suppliers. So all you buyers out there beware. The time has come to stop.

Tim Ackerman

3837 Melrose St.

Juneau, Alaska

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