Responsible reporting

Posted: Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Just because someone is a priest now days, it seems he is found guilty.

Father Nash had not been investigated, tried or found guilty of anything and you print a front page story about him supposedly raping a young man.

How much investigating did your staff do of Mr. Post? Did you find out if he has a job, has held a job or may just be looking for a way to make a few dollars? Does he have a history of making trouble for other people? Did he also send a copy of his letter to the police and/or the district attorney?

If not, why not? Writing to the newspaper without reporting it to the police indicates to me that he is more interested in publicity than "validation."

When Father Nash is exonerated, unfortunately, a cloud will still remain for some people.

Father Nash is well known in the community. So are Don Smith and Steve Reed. I bet that if a letter arrived at the Empire accusing Don Smith or Steve Reed of raping an 11-year-old some 20 years ago there would not have been a story in the paper about it.

Mr. Reed say in his column of Sunday, Nov. 24, "feedback helps chart the Empire's course. ..." Perhaps more responsible reporting would be a start.

Diane Lauber


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