Voter turnout in context

Posted: Tuesday, November 26, 2002

An Empire article about the November vote got me thinking: What really was our turnout in Juneau?

I called the CBJ manager's office and got some very helpful figures: 2001 estimated total population: 30,558; percent under 18 (can't vote) 27.4 percent (from the 2000 census).

That leaves 22,185 potential voters. If 80 percent registered, that would be 17,748 potential voters. If 90 percent registered, that would be 19,966 potential voters.

According to the state's Web site, in districts 3 and 4 (Juneau), a total of 15,912 cards were cast in the general election.

With an 80 percent registration, that would mean a 90 percent voter turnout.

With a 90 percent registration, that would mean an 80 percent voter turnout.

Either way, I really like those numbers!

The state lists 24,527 folks registered to vote here. That is 80.2 percent of Juneau's population.

Sorry, but that is just unrealistic when 27.4 percent are too young to vote and I really doubt that everyone who is eligible registers to vote.

Juneauites deserve a huge pat on the back for an excellent voter turnout!

Becky Carls


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