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Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003

This is great - I love to hear the pot calling the kettle black. I am not homophobic, but thanks for the rash judgment and stereotyping, something I thought people were trying to fight. I don't care what people do in their own homes; I am not willing to pay for their lifestyle. I'm being forced to accept something I don't believe in. As for pets being covered, I understand I can get coverage for them, but that's not the same thing as the city covering them now, is it? The city being self-insured means that the 80 percent covered by the employer (CBJ) is really covered by all the residents.

I can see people need it to be broken down even further. How do think our grandparents felt about people living together before they were married or same-sex marriages? They probably thought it would never be socially acceptable. Just as we ignore the plight of the pedophiles trying to gain the same rights and privileges the homosexuals have. How do we feel about that? It's illegal! Yes, but recently a state took off their books a law about sodomy because homosexuality was illegal.

People use the crutch of closed minds. How do you feel about polygamy? Why don't people who want to practice have the same rights as the rest of us? It's a lifestyle. Once again, this is illegal, but when is it going to get the momentum and the voice to become legal? I see a sign of moral decay - are you noticing yet? People aren't taking in the big picture, or looking at the consequences their choices make. I'm not worried about the here and now with insurance for domestic partners. I'm worried about the future, as the choices made by those in authority decay and lower our moral standards - what will become of the city we love?

As for God, don't mock him by putting words in his mouth. He never said it was okay. This wasn't meant to be a religious debate, but for a brief lesson in theology: God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of such sins as homosexuality. Thinking that he now thinks it is okay is to nullify the purpose of God and his words "I am the same, yesterday, today and forever." We can bend, twist and rationalize all we want; it doesn't change the purpose of God. Churches may have lowered their standards, but we know man - who is influenced by the majority and money - runs them all.

So before you throw that narrow-minded stuff at me, look at how you feel about the pedophiles or polygamists, and if you were forced to support their lifestyle because one man said you had to. I'm against domestic partners - male and female or same-sex. This is what the whole argument boils down to: I don't agree with the city manager taking the authority to make such a measure. Sure, there are people that agree with the measure. What happens when the next city manager doesn't like it and removes it, without getting the approval of the residents? Let the complaining begin! The more power we give the government, the more they will take. Who's to say prostitution legalization isn't next? If the people don't have a voice in how the city is governed is this really democracy or a dictatorship? Small things! "A waterfall starts with but one drop of water."

Trevor League


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