A look at proposed SE projects

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003

In March 2003, the U.S. Forest Service released a study titled "Southeast Alaska Proposed Public Road and Ferry Projects." The document outlines some potential transportation projects in Southeast and was a starting point for rewriting the Southeast Alaska Transportation Plan.

• Juneau Access: Under the state's preferred alternative, it would build a $250 million to $300 million road from Echo Cove at the end of Glacier Highway through the Berners Bay area and north to Skagway.

• Juneau to Hoonah: The $124 million project would provide access from Douglas to Hoonah by way of Admiralty Island. The project would construct 4.5 miles of new road on the back side of Douglas Island. From there, travelers would take a ferry across Stephens Passage to Young Bay on Admiralty Island. A six-mile gravel road on Admiralty Island would be reconstructed to give travelers access to Hawk Inlet. Travelers would then board another ferry to Whitestone Harbor on Chichagof Island, where a 17-mile gravel road would be reconstructed to provide road access to Hoonah.

• Hoonah to Rodman Bay: The $117 million project would build a road from Hoonah to a ferry terminal at Tenakee Inlet. Shuttle ferries would allow travelers to cross Tenakee Inlet and Peril Strait. A newsletter released by DOT in November states that road reconstruction from Rodman Bay to Sitka would cost about $148.9 million.

• Bradfield Canal Road: The $300 million project would provide access from Bradfield Canal - about 34 miles southeast of Wrangell - to the Cassiar Highway in British Columbia. The project requires construction of 14 miles of road and 14 miles of road reconstruction in Alaska. It also would require construction of 36 miles of new road and 22 miles of road upgrades in British Columbia.

• For a copy of the entire study, visit www.seconference.org/intermodal.

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