Juneau filmmaker gets his hustle on

Extreme winter sports video debuts this week at the Hangar Ballroom

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Due to last year's dreary and disappointing winter, Juneau filmmaker Scott Baxter couldn't shoot enough footage for his annual Southeast extreme sports video. So he had to get his hustle on.

Baxter collaborated with Girdwood twins Sebastian and Giles Landry of High Life Films on the film "Turnagain Hardcore 3: 907 Hustlers," which will make its Juneau debut Monday, Dec. 1, at the Hangar Ballroom.

"It was pretty grim, I think everyone felt it," said Baxter of last winter's weather conditions. "I think even a lot of the bigger film crews out there felt it. They (High Life Films) put out a video every year too, and they have a huge following through the snowmachining world ... and both of us didn't have enough footage to pull it off this year on our own, so we collaborated on one."

"Turnagain Hardcore 3: 907 Hustlers" will be shown at 5 p.m. for all ages, and again at 8:30 p.m. for viewers 21 and over. The newest Matchstick Productions extreme winter sports flick, "Focused," will also be shown with each viewing.

"He was having a bad year and we were too," said Sebastian Landry. "We thought all of our combined footage would make an awesome video."

Baxter edited three of the 12 segments of the film, adding some of his trademark snowboarding and surfing footage to a film predominantly featuring snowmachining.

"The snowmachining is top notch ... they've got really good quality snowmachining footage," Baxter said. "We want to get all the snowmachiners here in town pumped too, because what I've always shown is snowboarding and stuff, but now this is kind of a snowmachining video."

Landry said he was excited to be working with Baxter on the project.

"Photographers are kind of weird people, and Scott is one of the few photographers that we got along with really well," he said. "He's an awesome photographer ... He's pretty fanatical about films in the same way we are."

The film features footage shot in Whittier, Valdez, Haines, Palmer and even Canada.

"It showcases Alaska, it's shot all over Alaska," said Landry. "It's pretty much got Alaska's best riders in it, and it's got the world record backflip on a snowmobile."

In the last several years, Baxter has made a name for himself in the local filmmaking community and said he is working on trying to get more exposure through greater distribution of his films.

"You could put out a great film and get a lot of good feedback, but it's a lot about distributing and stuff, so I'm still learning a lot about that and meeting connections," he said.

Baxter said he is excited to be involved on a statewide project. "To have my stuff involved with a video like that up there is great because a lot more people will see it," he said. "Those guys are super pumped on what I got going and the way I edit and stuff. So they're super stoked to kind of push my name and help out, so it's going real good for all of us."

"Turnagain Hardcore 3: 907 Hustlers" will premiere tonight in Anchorage at the Egan Center.

Baxter said he enjoys featuring the skills of Southeast's extreme athletes, a group he says is often overlooked.

"Southeast riders are strong," he said. "Like a lot of people have always said, 'If you can ride Eaglecrest well, you can probably ride most places in the world.' "

According to Baxter, the terrain that Southeast riders and filmmakers utilize is world class.

"You have the easiest, cheapest access to some of the raddest mountains in a heli, compared to most people in the world," he said. "Having the access to a lot of that stuff made a lot of people strong riders."

Baxter said he hopes to collaborate with High Life Films again in the future.

"We're probably going to do the same thing next year, because I think next year we can probably sell a lot of copies and they have some really good connections with distributors," he said.

As for the future, Baxter said he will be working hard this winter to shoot more extreme sports footage for his company, C-Level Productions. He also has made plans to work for several other Alaska production companies this winter.

"I'm always shooting and collecting footage," he said.

• Eric Morrison can be reached at eric.morrison@juneauempire.com.

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