Fun Facts about caroling

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003

• What is the most requested song? - Jingle Bells. In fact, it's so popular it's on page 1 in the Carolers' songbook. "When people don't know what to request, they always know that one."

• What are the carolers' favorite songs? - Cricket Curtain, "Padapan," David Moe, "O' Holy Night" and "Holly In The Ivy," Janet Sanbei, "Carol of the Bells," Peter Anderegg, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

• How many hours do they sing during a season? - Some years, the Carolers have sung 40 hours. As of Nov. 23, they had 16 hours scheduled. Some days, they've sung for as many as eight hours. "We haven't had a day like that in a while. It takes a fair amount of good vocal production. Who really takes a beating is the soprano. The music we do always features her on the melody line."

• What effect does cold weather have on caroling? - "In the past, our outside singing has mostly been on the evening of Gallery Walk. We have had some windy, rainy days. Those are the days that are tough on your vocal chords, when you're breathing in cold air. We have a couple places around that we love to duck into."

• Where are some of the best places to sing? - The Emporium Mall, right inside the door next to Heritage Coffee. "If you stand on the stairs, you get a great resonance from the hard walls." The Nugget Mall, next to Vintage Fare Cafe. "There's a lot of hard surfaces. It's almost like singing in somebody's bathroom." Also, the Senate Building.

• How did the Carolers begin singing at the Governor's Mansion? - Ermalee Hickel, the wife of former Gov. Wally Hickel, heard the group singing in 1992. "We got there early that year, and the line went around the block. We stood out in front of the mansion and got people to sing along. Then we strolled into the house singing and ended up in the main room. Since then, we've always been there."

- All quotes by Peter Anderegg

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