Deceptive plea calls for investigation

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 26, 2004

I expect I wasn't alone in receiving a plea from an organization called United Seniors Association (USA) asking me to contact Sen. Lisa Murkowski because some in Congress are going to try to repeal the new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. I quote from the brochure "...taking this lifesaving benefit from America's seniors. We need your help."

This was a bit startling as every objective report on the program has pointed out its deficiencies. The cards must be purchased and held at least one year; the savings are minuscule, and drug companies are allowed to hike prices as they please. Few have bothered with it.

USA touts itself as "a leading grassroots advocacy organization ... protecting the health, security and dignity of all Americans."

A quick Google search shows USA is a front for the pharmaceutical industry. Its board consists of well-known conservatives. See Project Vote Smart or go to ID=7999 for further information.

This type of smoke-and-mirrors is all too current at the moment. I urge everyone receiving this deceptive mail and others of its sort to investigate before taking any action.

Dee Longenbaugh


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