Credit teachers for robotics jamboree

Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007

Teachers are always delighted when the community gets to see what great things are going on in school, and a recent robotics meet was a wonderful example of schools and the community coming together to the benefit of students.

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Though teachers are used to being in the background, it's extremely unfortunate that their role in the success of the event wasn't mentioned in the article about the event.

Sheryl Wittig, the extended learning teacher at Riverbend Elementary School, introduced the Juneau School District to the Lego League three years ago, facilitating the purchasing and training to get the program started as a problem-solving activity in the elementary buildings.

Rebecca Parks, from the Juneau Economic Development Council, contacted teachers last spring in order to get the competition program started, because she knew they would be the people who could help her get things done.

Teachers volunteered space in their classrooms, their materials and time during the months leading up to the competition. And, there were many elementary and middle school teachers there Sunday, either coaching teams or helping coordinate with volunteer coaches, and they were too busy helping to speak with a reporter.

The teachers, with the other volunteers and Parks, deserve the credit for making this such an exciting and enriching event.

Barbara Mitchell


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