Poll unfairly biased against Pebble mine

Posted: Thursday, November 26, 2009

The "lets-not-give-Pebble-a-fair-chance" financiers are at it again. Last Sunday, I was contacted by Craciun Research with what turned out to be an extremely biased and unprofessional poll about Pebble.

By the second question, it was obvious that this was one of those "push polls" designed to lead the unlucky participant to a specific conclusion. When I told the questioner that it was impossible to answer her question fairly, she agreed and said that she was uncomfortable with them.

Undoubtedly, the next step will be a press release trumpeting the phone "results" of the poll. I hope that all responsible news outlets and their readers see this manipulation for what it is: One more well-funded attempt to bias the public against Pebble before it even completes its development plan or applies for permits.

Scott Hawkins


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