Too easily labeled

Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Mr. Kirchhoff, a first semester student at the University of Nevada, Reno, is presently expanding his mind to become a "better person."

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He has taken me to task (Empire, Nov. 26) for my response (Empire, Nov. 12) to an earlier letter written by a fellow student purportedly doing the same at our own UAS. Allow me to clear up a few misconceptions held by the former.

First, I did not "discount" his fellow student's column easily. In fact I read it several times. I happened to disagree with it and took the time and insight to respond. My doing so does not make me "ignorant." In fact, my response was considerably more tactful and respectful than the writer's own. Nor did I not refer to the writer as ignorant. On the contrary, I encouraged his further input.

Second, Mr. Kirchhoff's opinion of me as a "cookie-cutter" American is based upon one small letter to the editor. I hope he does not categorize other people so easily. We are all much more complicated. In fact I have publicly opposed our pending actions in Iraq, though not for the same cookie-cutter reasons. As far as getting my own "piece of the pie," I only wish it were true.

Finally, there should be only one reason for attending a university, and that is education. What he does with it is his choice, but, at the risk of being old-fashioned, I would hope he would use it to equally contribute to the security and future of his loved ones. Believe me, the four years invested in education pale in comparison to the remainder of one's life. College does not define the "better person." Life, and one's choices as we travel through it, does.

Which leaves one unanswered question: Who is paying for the education Mr. Kirchhoff does not intend to put to practical use?

Ken Dunker


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