Stick with bond vote

Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I was very distressed to read in Monday's paper that the Assembly would even consider reconsidering how the projects are to be paid for - the projects for which a majority of the voters in the city election approved issuing bonds.

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What makes the dissenters think that "only property owners" are going to bear the burden of this tax? Don't they know that people who rent pay property taxes in their monthly tithe to the landlord? As the landlord of a small condo, I can assure you the rent I charge is based on what I have to pay in fees and taxes. In other words, my renter pays my property taxes on the condo. If there is a landlord who doesn't collect his costs from his tenants, I would like to know who that philanthropist landlord is. The truth is that property taxes are borne by everyone that lives in Juneau except the residents of the Glory Hole.

Furthermore, I voted in favor of the projects because they were going to be paid for by property taxes, because I think sales taxes, like any flat taxes, are a burden on the people who can least afford to pay. I would not have voted in favor of these projects were they to be financed by sales taxes. I can't believe it would be legal for the city to change its mind about how these projects are going to be funded without going again to the citizens for a vote.

When an election doesn't go my way, I have to grin and bear it. I'm sorry some people don't like the outcome of the bonding vote, but if we aren't going to abide by the results of the election, why have one?

Beverly Haywood


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