Two Interior bases to see housing boost

Bill allocates $140M to Wainwright, Eielson

Posted: Sunday, November 27, 2005

FAIRBANKS - Interior Alaska's two major military bases will gain a few hundred family apartments through a spending bill recently approved by Congress.

The bill allocates almost $140 million dollars to housing projects at Fort Wainwright Army Post, next to Fairbanks, and Eielson Air Force Base, 25 miles southeast of Fairbanks.

Fort Wainwright will gain 190 new family housing units with $91 million in funding from Congress's annual military construction spending bill.

Eielson Air Force Base, 25 miles southeast of Fairbanks, will see 92 new family housing units backed by federal funding of $37.6 million.

Congress also provided $18.1 million to buy privately constructed housing at Eielson that the military has leased for many years. The lease is expiring and, under the agreement, the military now may purchase the units.

Fort Wainwright and Clear Air Force Station, south of Nenana, both will receive new barracks complexes as well. Congress provided $33.6 million for the complex at Fort Wainwright and $20 million for the 100-room complex at Clear.

Both houses of Congress have approved a single, final version of the bill. It's on its way to President Bush for his signature now.

Congress roped off money for a few other Alaska items in a report accompanying the final legislation.

At Fort Wainwright, Congress said, the military should spend $5.5 million for a new helicopter pad and $5.6 million for an "information systems facility."

And the Alaska Air National Guard at Eielson should get a new warehouse, for $5.9 million. Congress also directed the military to spend up to $1.4 million for planning and design of a chapel at Eielson.

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