Thanks for a good job, Wendy Byrnes

Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a thoughtful opinion piece 10th-grader Wendy Byrnes wrote in last Friday's Neighbors section regarding the theme-based academies planned for our high school students.

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She seems so correct that high school should be a time for exploring options and subjects, not having to choose a field of interest before students even know what their interest might be. Even college students often stumble around before deciding on a major. Her concerns on the limitations of the new plan - both educational and social - sound so sensible that one has to wonder a little about the thinking of the educators who came up with the plan.

For the sake of Juneau's high school students let's all devoutly hope that the Next Generation Plan is more than a faddish educational experiment.

At any rate, Wendy is to be commended for her well-written, well-reasoned article.

Sally McIntire


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