Better bear plan

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2001

It is disappointing that we haven't been able to make better progress in our efforts to live with bears here. More than that, we are shamed for not being better stewards. The Nov. 18 editorial is further proof that we, myself included, more often lack the ability to change unless forced to. We will kick and scream before addressing our pride, greed, lust (i.e. the seven deadly sins), before improving. That's life, and that's why we're here, so let's get to work.

Instead of changing our ways, the call has gone out (see editorial) to chase off the bears. The reality is that we have built a sprawling town that runs right through a number of productive salmon streams. Bringing dogs in will just push them around to different parts of town, no?

Well I've got a great idea for a Juneau-wide consciousness-raising campaign to be taught in the schools, broadcast on radio, and stuck to bumpers everywhere. I call it the "No White Trash" campaign.

Along with education, the other fundamental tool of the campaign is the use of force (remember paragraph one?). We need to be as serious as we can be, with punitive measures. If this is unrealistic, we need to continue to look for the positive choice, and that choice is change, be it huge neighborhood Dumpsters or what.

Oh, I can hear the knee-jerks-a-jerking! So what makes me so perfect? I'm not. I'm just one of us. How could I say everything really if not from experience?

We are shamed for putting the issue on the bears when the issue is with us. We don't seem to be making much headway with pride, so maybe in this limited area, we can work on ignorance and apathy.

Hey, I'll volunteer!

Chris Trollan


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