Past leaders shouldn't shoulder all the blame

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Americans have pitied the German, Japanese and Italian people for suffering the leadership of Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini. These leaders are blamed for bringing on World War II. But should these leaders - tolerated by the mindsets of their respective peoples - shoulder all the blame?

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Hitler and Tojo showed actual military competence as commanders-in-chief before the consequences of their whims, prejudices and evil purposes made them losers in World War II.

For instance, they didn't waste the efforts and honor of their military by chasing glamorized guerrillas (terrorists). They did bully their intelligence and propaganda networks to support their prejudices and whims though - just like the Bush administration and congressional majorities have done concerning Islam, terrorists, Iraq, and now Iran.

For example, our newest national intelligence estimate isn't released yet because the U.S. intelligence community doesn't give undivided support to the Bush administration's assertions about Iran. This is leaking to the public because our intelligence professionals are nearly in revolt over misuse of their work.

Isn't it peculiar that our leaders brazenly use "intelligence" just to back up their prejudices? Isn't it peculiar that the conduct and overall progress of war in Iraq and Afghanistan show leaders more interested in fighting than winning? Isn't it peculiar that most of our leaders now advocating expanding war to Iran do so even when the U.S. must borrow all the money needed to fight it? Isn't it peculiar that we're having to borrow a good deal from China, when China openly supports Iran against our saber-rattling?

Our leaders seem bent on bankrupting our country through wasteful or stupid use of U.S. power and resources. They also seem to want a world war III in the Middle East to strong-arm God into starting Armageddon. Do you want this?

Stuart Thompson


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