Sharon Olsen honored for 15-year service with Director's Award

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SPARKS, Nev. - Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska announced that its Director of Employment and Training Sharon Olsen was recently honored during the National Public Law 102-477 Employment, Training and Related Services Conference held in Sparks, Nev. The Director of the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development, Robert Middleton, presented Olsen with the Director's Award during an Awards Luncheon.

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"This award goes to one of the grantees, which I believe is most deserving for 15 years of dedication," Middleton said.

Olsen has served as co-chair for the past 15 years and has assisted the training and technical assistance needs by assisting in the production of materials, such as videos, written operating procedures, sample intake forms and related assistance. Olsen has provided one-on-one assistance to other Tribes interested in 477.

"She always makes time in her busy schedule to be an active member of the 477 tribal workgroup," Middleton said. "Other Tribes rely upon her for guidance. She has focused her attention to the needs of individuals and ensures they obtain the training and education needed to become self-sufficient. For these reasons, I am bestowing Sharon Olsen with the first ever Director's Award."

The National Conference for Public Law 102-477 was a complete success. It included the first ever appearance by the Secretary of the Interior Carl Artman, who spoke of expanding 477 to other programs, which would provide greater Tribal control.

Middleton reported that 2007 was another phenomenal year, with seven additional Tribes joining the 477. Reports were also given by Sharri Freeman and Dr. Ken Reinfeld from the Office of Self Governance.

Other guest speakers included Lynn Forcia, Chief of the Division of Workforce Development and Co-Chairs of the Public Law 102-477 Workgroup, Sharon Olsen and Margaret Zientek, who presented the report for the Child Care Bureau, Native Employment Works and the Division of Tribal TANF Management.

"CCTHITA is honored to have such a dedicated, supportive Director on our team to accomplish so much for her Tribe and the Tribal members. Her care and attention to the well being of those she serves and the care and attention of her staff is a constant reminder of why we are serve," said CCTHITA President Bill Martin.

Congratulations to Sharon and the staff of Employment & Training for the last 15 years of implementing 477, You truly demonstrate success!

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