Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Juneau Public Libraries celebrated National Children's Book Week in November with the annual Bookmark Contest, sponsored by the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries. A panel of five judges reviewed 1,194 entries and chose one winner and two honorable mentions for each grade level, preschool through high school. Children received gift certificates from The Amazing Bookstore and Hearthside Books.

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Preschool winner: Lila Quigley. Honorable mentions: Elin Antaya and Johanna Grigg.

Kindergarten winner: Katie Guthrie. Honorable mentions: Ridgon Hermann and Aaron Blust.

First grade winner: Matthew Fred. Honorable mentions: Quanitta Chup and Sam Smith.

Second grade winner: Sam Hall. Honorable mentions: Jacob Hinckle and Azure Briggs.

Third grade winner: Finn Sinclair. Honorable mentions: Laura Barnhill and Carraig New.

Fourth grade winner: Summer Walker. Honorable mentions: Izzy Christenson and Erin Buhler.

Fifth grade winner: Samuel Boggs. Honorable mentions: Aurora Bodine and John Yadao.

Sixth grade winner: Farrah Davis. Honorable mention: Padraig New and Marina McDowell.

Seventh grade winner: Ariana Orford. Honorable mentions: Kiah Mott and Conway Tomlinson.

Eighth grade winner: Kiera Clark. Honorable mentions: Chase Schneider and Charlotte Brown.

High school winner: Kelly Fernandez. Honorable mentions: Megan Murayama and Dawson Walker.

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