Mendenhall River runs a marathon

Posted: Friday, November 28, 2008

Mendenhall River Community School's Marathon Club, composed of approximately 60 kindergarten through fifth-grade students, recently completed their goal of running 26.2 miles.

Courtesy Of Wendy Dalton
Courtesy Of Wendy Dalton

According to physical education teacher Dick Fagnant, who leads the group, the kids ran one mile before school almost every school day for the last month and a half.

"It was pretty awesome to see that many kids gathering before school to run," Fagnant said. "I think it helps to get exercise before school starts. It prepares students to launch into their academic day."

Because the marathon was broken up into one-mile increments, parents and students had to help time and record the runners every day.

"What impressed me was the student and parent participation," Fagnant added. "We had to count all the laps they did, and we needed their support in order to do that."

Parent and student helpers were Wendy Dalton, Ryann Dalton, Bailey Dalton, JP Dalton, Kaitlyn Eads, Sara Madrid, Jennifer Bennett, Brittany Bennett, Joe Paden, Michelle Kerr, Natalie Martin, Andy Brown, Tom Stadt, Amador Olea and Elizabeth Horvath.

The final leg of the marathon was 0.2 miles, which runners were allowed to complete in Mendenhall River's hallways on Tuesday.

"The whole school lined the hallways to cheer," Fagnant said. "It was just an awesome thing the school did. It was a great program."

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