Woman charged in death of her neighbor's horse

Posted: Friday, November 28, 2008

FAIRBANKS - A woman from Two Rivers could serve a year in jail if she is convicted on a weapons misconduct charge authorities say is connected to the shooting of her neighbor's horses.

Jamie Rogers, 47, says she will dispute the misdemeanor charge.

The charge stems from a shooting incident last month that killed one horse and grazed another. Her neighbor, Heather Rogers, owns the horses. The two women are not related and have a history of feuding.

A 4-year-old American Quarter Horse named Phoenix died from the incident. The horse's stable mate, a 5-year-old mare named Sierra, suffered graze wounds and is recovering.

District attorney Mike Gray said Jamie Rogers allegedly discharged a firearm with reckless disregard for property or people.

"This lady needs not to be out there shooting her weapon off toward a public causeway at an angle in which a kid or an adult could be hit," the district attorney said.

Jamie Rogers has said she fired her pistol to scare off the horses because of previous attacks on her horses.

Heather Rogers said he suspected trouble when she heard her barking. After going outside, she heard gunshots and saw the horses running toward her, she said.

Heather Rogers said her neighbor called her to complain about the loose horses.

After seeing no wounds, Heather Rogers returned the horses to their corral and went back to bed. But the next morning she found Phoenix dead and Sierra wounded.

Heather Rogers is president of the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association. She says she wants justice served for the dead horse. She bought both horses last summer for $6,000.

"I've been heartsick, you know?" she said. "I'm just to the point where I can talk about it without breaking down."

Jamie Rogers said there have been previous attacks on her horses by those owned by Heather Rogers.

"I would never intentionally shoot anybodys horse." she said. "I was trying to get them out of my yard. I was absolutely protecting my horses."

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