Stain of the charge

Posted: Friday, November 29, 2002

A few years back a friend of mine had his reputation pretty much destroyed by your newspaper. His name was Ken Klepinger and when allegations were levied upon him charging impropriety with his business, your paper had a field day with the story. Your articles read like sleuth novels. Ken was exonerated, the damage was not!

Now a second friend, Father Mike Nash, is the object of your fodder over a baseless charge of sexual abuse. I'm sure your paper will claim First Amendment rights and also claim your article of last Friday as impartial.

However, in claims of financial abuse as in Ken's circumstance, and in claims of sexual abuse as now in Mike's circumstance, exoneration does not remove the stain of the charge.

It is an article in itself to attest to the pure and tall character of our accused pastor. More so, it is an epic regarding the solidarity of support unanimously exhibited now in the Cathedral Parish for our captain, Father Mike Nash.

Crimes such as that which has been alleged unravel quickly when true and certainly never shock those that personally know the perpetrator. I am reminded of the charges of sexual abuse lobbied in President Clinton's reign. When you heard them, you knew in your heart that they were true as you knew he was lying in his denial. Your readers do not know Fr. Mike Nash and they should know that there is a torrential downpour of support for Mike right now, and that is because his holy character alone is carrying the day.

When he is exonerated, the stain of the baseless charge against Fr. Mike and your paper's amplification of his alleged act will remain; and I will still not purchase your tabloid.

Rich Conneen


Klepinger was found guilty by a jury of one count of mail fraud and pleaded guilty to one count of health-care fraud in connection with his operation of the Beltone Hearing Aid Center. He was sentenced to six months house arrest and five years probation and ordered to pay $141,176.20 in restitution to his patients and to the state Medicaid program. - Editor

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